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tl;dm - A D&D DM Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

It has been some time since the tl;dm duo has had a chat, and they're back in all their rambling, opinionated... glory?

They lead off with a discussion on how DnD fundamentally changes as a play experience as the party levels up, and what that means for different styles of play. From the DM standpoint it also impacts how encounters and combats are planned or balanced, which both Tyler and Alan share some strategies and weaknesses for.

The TL;DMs also take a moment to talk about running real, honest-to-god, intelligent villains. There is a huge difference between intelligent high-CR (challenge rating) creatures and bigger, scarier monsters, and sometimes the stat blocks don't make clear that some bad guys are dangerous because of their MO rather than their stats-on-paper. Alan and Tyler break down how that can impact resource management, balance, and most importantly, FUN.