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tl;dm - A D&D DM Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

FIRST THINGS FIRST - wow, Alan's microphone is picking up all of the plosive sounds. Sorry for that. BUT struggle through it if you can, because this episode is simply chock full of insights, exercises, and anecdotes from special guest and friend of the show James D'Amato!

The TL;DMs sit down with James to talk about what it feels like to play in and run a published adventure as opposed to a homebrew one, and use that as a springboard to segue into their experience running a CR 23 head-to-head cage match against the legendary Acererak.

James also talks about aspects of personal play and how they apply on both the player and DM side. Conveniently, the OneShot host and podcast aficionado has written an entire book of personal play prompts and avenues ("The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide" - check it out!). James gives us some teasers from the book and the trio talk about how personal play can add to the roleplaying experience at the table.