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tl;dm - A D&D DM Podcast

Jul 10, 2017

Way back in the second episode of TL;DM, Alan discussed an early D&D session of the Eastern Campaign that made him feel like a giant fireball of dungeon master failure in which the party broke into a house looking for evidence and came up empty handed.

In this recorded live play that session finally gains importance as the party finds itself facing charges for the crime--something they had long forgotten about. The wake up call is sudden as the party is whisked off to an arraignment and found in possession of stolen goods. Suddenly finding themselves out on bail with four hours to prepare for trial, the team must make the rounds and figure out their defense to the accusations of the court.

Of course, no courtroom scene is complete without procedural drama and stereotypical southern lawyer accents, so cue the soap opera announcements and Foghorn Leghorn impression, so check out the Live Play 4 episode for the actual proceedings!